60's Style Drag Racing, Excitement like it used to be!


Our Vision

Our vision is to promote Nostalgia Drag racing in all its forms, fair racing atmosphere for the racers and support of our host tracks. We want to recreate the excitement of 60's racing and Match Racing and bring this excitement to the next generation.


Match Race Heaven

Match Race Heaven is the sister venue of 3 Pedal Gasser Shoot Out Series. in the 60's a lot of the excitement came form the call outs and Match races outside normal competition. Follow the Match Race Heaven Facebook page and Youtube channel. nostalgia drag racing


Where will we be next?

  • Upcoming events listed below

2020 3 Pedal Gasser Shoot Out

David Gregg talks about the "3 Pedal Gasser Shoot Out Series" and some of the 2020 events and activities

Star-Lite 25 Homecoming October 12th, 2019 Video

Highlights from the Homecoming and Hard Knox "Choppers Ball"

Star-Lite 25 Homecoming Recap

Event Highlights of the 2019 "Star-Lite 25 Homecoming"

Promo 1 "Bootlegger"

Randy Stones "Bootlegger" is one of the fastest most beautiful gassers on the planet.

Promo 2 "Flipper"

Wild Man Danny Porter in "Flipper" shows us how its done. 39 Plymouth with blown big block power.

Promo 3 "Sucker Punch"

One of the best loved Gassers in the south, Owned by Travis and EJ Martin. This Outlaw Gasser makes the fans stand and cheer.

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